What season is it?

After an unusually rainy May (I know it’s supposed to rain all year long in England, but last month was quite exceptional!!), June has finally lifted our spirits with high temperatures and a nice breeze.

In contrast to uncertainty and the frustrating possibility of rain at any time, Lebanon has four distinct seasons whereby we know what to wear, what to do and what to eat! Here’s a quick guide for you: In winter, ski in Mzaar Kfardebian then relish a fulfilling sandwich in one of the village’s local places; In spring, go for a hike in the Jabal Moussa Biosphere Reserve that offers both a cultural and natural heritage, followed by a traditional lunch there; In summer, bask in the sun at Tyre’s wonderful sandy beach, listed by National Geographic as one of the best beaches in the Middle East; and in fall, take part of the apple harvest in one of Lebanon’s villages, such as Baskinta.

Lebanon in winter: https://www.mzaarskiresort.com/

Lebanon in spring: https://www.jabalmoussa.org/

A mini guide to Baskinta: https://www.lebanontraveler.com/en/magazine/mini-guide-baskinta/

One of Tyre’s beach resorts

Published by alinesfeir

Background: Marketing & PR. Hobbies and aspirations: Creative Writing, Arts & Culture. Having spent my whole life in Lebanon and only moved to the UK five years ago, I was intrigued by their rich culture which contrasts with ours (and is sometimes similar), and was thus inspired to bridge them both in a blog that reflects my own experiences and character.

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